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Around the clock service!

Detective Agency MM Group applies an individual approach to its detective services on a case-by-case basis. It has a team of professionals with proven results in a number of situations. The agency has an enormous network of informants and contacts in the public community that we could not explain in this presentation for compelling reasons. It is the basis for the rapid and professional solution of client cases. Detective services:

Collection of evidence

Collection of evidence and information as evidence in court legal proceedings and issuance of official documents and reports with legal relevance according to the requirements set out by the judicial court system.

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Investigation services

Investigation services for individuals and inquiries and references carried out with regard to confidential information records. Collection of information regarding the status of individuals and legal entities.

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Protection Against Unfair Competition

We can provide protection against unfair competition attack you may experience: Gps tracking device, installation of gps equipment and hidden cameras placed in vehicles, offices and private properties. Spyware installation.

Corporate intelligence

Competitive and Corporate Intelligence and Security Awareness. Many companies and organizations often underestimate the preliminary investigation of its employees and partners,

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Investigation and proof of serious criminal offenses and offenses of a general nature.

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Search for missing persons

Search for missing persons and runaways. The causes and reasons related to the missing person's disappearance are major factor when dealing with the process of search for missing persons.

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Detection of biological parents

Assistance of the process of detection and search for biological parents and abandoned children. It is well known that Republic of Bulgaria is among the few European countries

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Identification infidelity or adultery

Identification and proof of infidelity or adultery (documentary proof and evidence). The Agency has technical tools for conducting obvious and covert surveillance,

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