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Around the clock service!

It seems logical to us that we should ask what the price of a detective service would be and whether the final result will meet our preliminary goals in the first place. It is quite complicated to give a simple and specific answer to this question, because the final price in this case is influenced by many different key and essential factors.


How much does it cost to hire a private investigator?

Detective practice deals with different cases related to different problems and related to different types of services and engagements. Each service is priced in relation to the cost of items, the time required for the case, and the number of employees engaged by the agency, equipment used, transportation and other costs. The experience of the detective agency gives an accurate estimate of the resources needed to solve it on a case-by-case basis, so as to anticipate the costs involved in resolving it.


The professionalism of the detective

There are many factors determining the success or failure of an investigation, but the most important of these are the qualities of the private investigator, his experience and professionalism. The combination of its qualities leads to the resolution of the case. The absence of any of them can be decisive and can fail any case. Perhaps the most important of these are the concentration and alertness of the detective tasked. The combinative thinking, patience, knowledge of personality characteristics and motives of people in their actions. These abilities prove crucial to success, as a professional can see a trail where others might miss it. A trace that would resolve the case.


Terms for accepting an assignment with respect to a specific case

The case shall be considered officially assigned and undertaken only after payment amounting to 50% of the overall amount agreed with the customer has been performed. Our clients can rely on anonymity, honesty and privacy. Consultation before taking the case is free!