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Detective services prices

It seems logical to us that we should ask what the price of a detective service would be and whether the final result will meet our preliminary goals in the first place. It is quite complicated to give a simple and specific answer to this question, because the final price in this case is influenced by many different key and essential factors.


What determines the price?

There are several factors that determine whether or not a particular case entrusted to a detective agency or a case investigated by a private detective will be resolved. The most important among them are the expertise and professionalism of the respective detective who is in charge of investigating the case. The aforementioned factors are often of major importance for the final success of a given case because a pro can identify a crucial lead where others would not have detected it. A lead which would become a breakthrough for resolving the case.



There are many factors determining the success or failure of an investigation. The most important, however, are the skills of the private detective, his experience and degree of professionalism. The combination of the private detective`s personal qualities can greatly assist in the process of resolution of a specific case. The lack of any of the aforementioned factors, on the other hand, may become the main reason for the failure in private investigation.


Terms for accepting an assignment with respect to a specific case

The case shall be considered officially assigned and undertaken only after payment amounting to 50% of the overall amount agreed with the customer has been performed. We ensure Anonymity, honesty and discretion. Get a Free Consultation free of charge!