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Private investigator Martin Manev

 Private investigator

Martin Manev, a private investigator and owner of the agency is former official with a lot of experience and skills he was able to gain in the Ministry of Interior. For years he has been actively engaged in detective activity-related tasks. He is Deputy Chairman in the "Private Detective Association" and member of the World Association of Detectives. He has extensive experience and professional contacts within the country and abroad.


Private detective: Bulgaria is the only country in the EU where our activity is not regulated in any way

[ 8 august 2023 г ]

The detective business is in the dark gray side of the industry, and we don't want it to be. This was stated in the program "Bulgaria, Europe and the world in focus" on Radio "Focus" private detective Marin Marinov, founder and chairman of the association of private detectives in Bulgaria more.


Scams for hundreds of thousands by a woman posing as an employee of GDBOP VIDEO


GLAS разкрития на частни детективи


"GLAS with Tina Ivaylova"

Victims were defrauded of thousands of BGN by a woman who pretended to be an employee of GDBOP

GLAS репортаж за разкрития 


International cooperation

[ May 13, 2023 ]

Today, in Germany, an international meeting of private detectives was held, organized by the Swiss detective society, of which we became members. Long-standing partners with experience from all over Europe exchanged their experiences, ideas and plans. We are honored to have been invited and accepted.


VID detectives conference 2023  detectives team 2023  
   частни детективи  Конференция на частните детективи  


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Lie Detector Scams




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Private Detective Martin Manev




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